Monday, August 31, 2009

My Specialty

Over the years, and there have been twenty-two of them, I have developed a specialty in this business. I offer all of the great characteristics you expect in a daycare (and I can certainly elaborate on many of those things when you make contact). But what I provide for your child is something very special - for a certain kind of family.

I specialize in single child families.

This is not to the exclusion of siblings. But over the years, I have found that the main reason families are attracted to what I provide is the atmosphere of family. Here, your child will find the siblings she or he does not have at home. Not only have I found this to be beneficial to the child; the parent, who may for reasons of choice have decided to have just one child or possibly economic reasons, will be comforted to know that the family your child needs is in my home.

The atmosphere is both nurturing and educational, tailored as much to the way your child progresses as it is to the curriculum.
If you are looking for a family environment for your child, we should discuss the possibilities that await you.

I currently have two openings, for a three year old and a four-five year old. (Even though I focus on the single child families, siblings are always welcome and these two openings offer a unique opportunity for the right family.)

Take a moment and look at the site, send me an email with questions and I will get back to you promptly.

Admittedly daycare is different than big boy/girl school. But you should take note that we do follow a September through June educational plan. And school starts next week!

Bonni Petillo
Bonni's Funtastic Daycare